Port of Reed's Landing
Nate abell port

The bay of the city Reed's Port. The heroes try to lure the Driver to the surface.

Nate abell bay 3d underpaintings

Some alternate shots from the 3D mock-up. I needed a chill vibe and hope to be able to go back to a couple of these.

Nate abell bay vr mockups

VR Mock-ups in Gravity Sketch.

Nate abell paintings roughs

Thumbnails for both these illustrations.

Port of Reed's Landing

'The dark past of port city looms. A blight moves beneath the water as chains slither along the ships and beaches, and tear innocents from their hammocks and beds back to the frigid waves.'

A mood illustration and supporting concepts from a fictional film "The Driver" a fantasy horror film and the subject of StoryForge's ninth asset pack.

More artwork
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